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If you want real performance that won’t be tainted by a starting line break, or a missed gear

The Strongest Most Reliable Transmission for Street and Strip Racing

"My times were so consistent they thought my manual tranmission was computerized"

Faster ET Times at the Track
"15+ years and I've never had one customer need a rebuild or have a complaint" -Shawn
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"I Beat and Abuse this thing and I only get faster ET times"

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“Do you want to look “cool”, “be super fast”, get onlookers ohing and awing at your car, plus never worry about losing a race because of a transmission failure… KEEP READING!’

Welcome to the 21st century and Jeffco Transmissions.

What you’re about to read could change the direction of your drag racing career if you like to WIN a lot. If you haven’t been a consistent winner, we call this transmission the Saturday Night Special.


Because this transmission is the ultimate transmission for street driving or drag racing.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have a great automatic transmission from some of the big names in drag racing, I’m just saying, if you want real performance, performance that won’t be tainted by a starting line break, or a missed gear, JEFFco Transmissions are and will be the ultimate transmission for street and drag race use.

If you’ve never tried a JEFFco, now’s the time to contact Shawn from JEFFco.


Because he can tell you that these transmissions are almost bulletproof.

Not only do they look cool, they work.  

And when you’re racing, you know as well as I do, it’s all about cutting a light, and getting to the end of the race track before your competitor.  

Can you be as consistent as an automatic?  

Yes you can.  

Is there a chance you could miss a shift in either the two, three or four speeds that are available?  

NO! Not unless you close your eyes, and try to shift…and even then, you probably won’t miss the shift change because JEFFco’s are that reliable.  

Here’s what JEFFco will tell you; If you can pull a lever, any lever, you’re never going to miss a gear.  

I know those statements might ruffle a few feathers, but let me ask you this.  

If you could invest in a proven, over the top two, three, or four speed transmission that will increase your ’60 foot times, help you hook better at any track and intimidate the guy in the other lane, wouldn’t you do it?  

Sure you would, and that’s why JEFFco has supplied you with this LONG LETTER. We want to try and answer all your questions.

Jeff knew (from his experience what made the other manufacturers transmission) that other transmission makers had some flaws.

Not big ones, but they were the ones that Jeff worked so hard to eliminate when he configured the first JEFFco Transmission.  

He designed the JEFFco to withstand the Pro Stock division of NHRA. He figured these Pro Stock cars were going to be pushing over 1,000 horsepower, so he knew he wanted to approach the design in a completely different way.  

And he did.

As you’ll notice in the photo above, there are four levers.

That indicates that this transmission is a four speed.

There’s one reverse lever which also doubles as first gear, then three other perky little levers to pull on when you’re on a Sunday cruise, or an all out excursion down the quarter mile.

(Works in an eighth mile drag car as well, but in that case you might want to opt in for a three speed.)

Just depends on how cool you want to look.

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Faster ET Times

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In over 15 years we’ve never needed to rebuild a single transmission due to faulty parts or design

Reliable and Dependable

Designed to be used and abused by racing enthusiasts

“We won 8 of 16 races and set a record. we couldn’t of done it without your support JEFFco.” Jim Oddy

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Faster, More Reliable, Save Money Long Term

The only transmission you can abuse and “drive it like you stole it” without worrying about repairs. If you can pull a level you can master driving the JEFFco transmission and have faster ET times on the street or strip. We’ve crafted our transmissions to last a lifetime saving you from future repairs from use and abuse.

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